youth invitational

Has been canceled. If you need a refund please contact the Office.

Due to the virus outbreak the SSUSBC has decided to cancel the Invitational. This is an unprecedented event for the Youth All-Stars. The current point standings will decide the 2020 Youth All-Star Teams.

In the event of a tie for 6th place both bowlers will be recognized as All-Stars!

At this time the Home to Home in the middle of May and Extravaganza in June will continue as planned.

Projected Boy's Team

  • Kalym Henry
  • Cosmo Castellano
  • Liam Mcnamara
  • Sam Gritzke
  • Mateo Segura
  • Andrew Martin

Projected Girl's Team

  • Kadie Dicken
  • Madelyn San Soucie
  • Marissa Lindeke
  • Tiffany Benger
  • Sienna Stoner
  • Nikita Benton
  • Wendy Jo LaTurner