Youth Info

2017-18 South Sound Youth

All-Star Teams 


​Austin Portalski
Blake Portalski

Dillon Harris
Makana Wong
Mark Ponce
Matthew Gonsalves
Parker Portalski

Carolina Snowden
Jordan Thayer
Kadie Dicken
Kristina Harris
Megan Gratzer
Nikita Benton

Whitney Lee

Youth News

Junior Masters

Congratulations to our 2017-18 SSUSBC Youth Classic Masters top placers.

Bowl with Me Doubles

Youth All-Stars

2018 SSUSBC Average Challenge Swiss.

Tournament winners.

Unofficial Standings

Congratulations to the Winners of the City Youth Championships

Scratch ALL Events 

1st Place:  Portalski, Austin T

Handicap ALL Events 

1st Place:  Henderson, Sean S


              1st Place: 

Tower of Power


              1st Place: 

Div A:  
Baltazar Bradley \ Martin Andrew T
Div B: 
 Esquerra Ku'u \ Bartel Kristian S
Div C: 
Stoner Sienna R \ James Dakota R
Div D:  
Jones Keegan M \ Henderson Sean S

Singles                                  1st Place:

Div A:  
 Portalski, Austin T
Div B:  
Gratzer, Megan D
Div C:
Henry, Kalym W
Div D: 
Hess, Matthew

Congratulations to our Junior Masters Champions Aidghan Ziegler, Kadie Dicken and the rest of the Junior Masters Top Placers .

Season Event Winners

Congratulations to our Bowl with Me Doubles Tournament Winners:

1st place -  Mark Ponce & Emily Cybulski

2nd place -  Aiden Wong & Nikki Wood

3rd place - Alyssa Strand & Parker Portalski

4th place - Jenna Swierczek & Blake Portalski

5th place - Jaden Ward / Hunter Moreno

Classic Masters

Check the Calendar for tournaments you might want to bowl in

Holiday Fun Tournament

Office Hours:   Mon, Wed, Thurs 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM   Closed Sun, Tues, Fri & Sat

King of the Hill Coronation

KOH Coronation Champions of the 2017-18 SSUSBC King of the Hill Coronation. (Coming Soon)

City Youth Championships

2017 SSUSBC Holiday Fun Tournament winners.

Team Secoma -Winchell

2nd Place  Team PBS

Average Challenge Swiss